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Brighton Dale Links


Brighton Dale Links and Petrifying Springs Golf Course Rennovations

Q&A With Daniel Drier PGA, General Manager Division of Golf at Kenosha County

By Brian Weis

Can you share the recent renovations and changes at Petrifying Springs Golf Course?
At Petrifying Springs we had to address the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) problem and removed Ash trees of all ages. Between the Park (375 acres) and the Golf Course (125 acres), we removed over 2,000 Ash trees. In anticipation of the EAB problem, Kenosha County developed a comprehensive reforestation plan and has planted 2,000+ trees in our Parks and on our Courses over the past five years. During the next three years, we'll plant an additional 500 trees. We also did some updating in the Clubhouse which included the installation of interior LED lights (to improve lighting and reduce energy use), replaced bathroom fixtures and painted some interior walls.

Can you share the recent renovations and changes to Brighton Dale Links?
At Brighton Dale Links we are installing a new deep well pump for more reliable irrigation water. We are also restoring and enhancing all of the irrigation on the Blue Spruce 18 holes with double row irrigation, providing better coverage for our entire course. This phase of our Course restoration will be similar to the work we performed on the White Birch 18 holes in 2012. When finished with the Blue Spruce we will again mark every sprinkler head with yardages to the center of the greens. The tees, fairways and greens will remain lush on all of the holes at Brighton Dale Links.

At Brighton Dale Links (415 acres) we had to address the EAB problem as well and removed 267 Ash trees. As referenced above, Brighton Dale is included in our comprehensive reforestation plan. We also performed some lighting updates in the Clubhouse, converting all interior lighting to LED - again to improve conditions and reduce energy consumption.

How will these changes affect the local golfer?
The trees being removed will open up the golf courses. There will be more airflow, so the course will play firmer and faster and should also produce better growing conditions for the turf. Maybe we even took down your nemesis tree that has been foiling your round - possibly helping to improve your score! As part of our comprehensive reforestation plan, we are replanting 27 different species of trees - so this type of devastation to one tree species will never again have as significant an impact. Every season we try to find a way to improve our guest experience. We hope you enjoy the improvements at both courses.

Any additional changes planned for 2016?
Completing the Blue Spruce irrigation described above.

Any long range plans for the two courses?
We hope to be able to address the updating of the Red Pine Nine irrigation and enhancing the practice range at Brighton Dale Links. We also hope to perform a comprehensive bunker assessment/renovation project at Brighton Dale Links and a similarly scoped project at Petrifying Springs Golf Course. All of these bunker projects will focus on reviewing the number of, placement of and design of bunkers to improve the golfing experience. Additionally, we would like to continue the brushing/undergrowth removal projects that we've been engaged in the past few years as a means of improving course conditions, aesthetics and playability.

If a golfer has not played Petrifying Springs and/or Brighton Dale before why should the courses be on their must play list for 2016?
Two very different golf experiences. Petrifying Springs is a 1936 design with great elevated push up greens that will really challenge your short game. Pets has three of the toughest finishing holes in Southeastern Wisconsin - 16, 17 and 18 are really unique holes that will make the slight of heart golfer tremble. The course is very player friendly until those last three holes.

Brighton Dale Links has 45 holes with tremendous variation of design. There are many unique holes among the 45 total - many featuring: cathedral pines, huge deciduous trees, elevated tees/greens and so many beautiful water challenges. The greens are huge and the golf courses are long and challenging. It is a great facility and was recently ranked #8 of the best 20 golf course experiences in Wisconsin by Golf Advisor.

There is not a single home on any of our 63 holes of Kenosha County Golf - this is a truly unique feature, given our courses are less than an hour's drive from either Milwaukee or Chicago. This contributes to a golf experience that typically a golfer would have to drive further and pay more for. Our courses offer tremendous value and we remain committed to continuously improving the golfers experience every season. Additional formal recognition of this commitment to excellence is supported by the fact that Petrifying Springs was voted the "Best of Kenosha Golf" the past three years.


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Written By: Brian Weis

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