SentryWorld Course Map Unveiled

Map of New Redesign

For those not aware, SentryWorld was closed for the entire 2013 golf season. The course underwent a redesign by the original golf architect, Robert Trent Jones, Jr. SentryWorld unveiled a map of the new golf course, due to open in late summer.

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More About The Redesign

The course has been re-routed and re-numbered and features two completely new par three holes, several holes that were significantly re-crafted on the same site, as well as holes that are a hybrid of existing holes.

"Those who played SentryWorld for many years will be surprised," said Robert Trent Jones, Jr., SentryWorld's original course architect who also oversaw the renovation. "They'll recognize the same corridors that they played. It will be familiar, but a new experience."

Holes number 3 and 12, both par threes, are new holes built on property previously unused. Holes 4, 9, 13 and 17 are built on existing corridors, but substantially altered.

"SentryWorld's setting is magical and design features were expertly crafted," said on-site architect Jay Blasi, who worked in collaboration with Robert Trent Jones, Jr. and Bruce Charlton on the course. "As we looked at the redesign, we identified ways to introduce a lot more variety in the types of hazards and lengths of the holes."

"The features of the original course were built on top of the land and the new SentryWorld reveals the features that the land has given us," Charlton said.

Blasi said that the new design and routing provides variety in the lengths of the par fours-some short, some medium, some long. "We strived to make the course more challenging and thought-provoking for good golfers while more fun and enjoyable for everyday players," he said.

Golfers will begin their round on the former 10th hole, then play the former number 11. Next is the newly constructed par three 3rd hole and hole 4 which was converted from a par three to a par four. The balance of the front nine follows the old routing.

On the back nine, the new hole 10 is a combination of the former holes number 1 and 2, now a very long par 5. Hole 11 is on the site of the former hole number 3, followed by the newly constructed par three 12th hole. The remainder of the back nine follows the old routing.

New Hole Number - Comments

Hole 1 - Formerly #10

Hole 2 - Redesigned on the site of the former #11

Hole 3 - Completely new par 3

Hole 4 - Re-crafted in the same location; now a par 4

Hole 5 - Same location

Hole 6 - Same location

Hole 7 - Same location

Hole 8 - Same location

Hole 9 - Redesigned on the same location with an alternate fairway

Hole 10 - A combination for the former holes #1 & #2

Hole 11 - Located on the site of the former #3

Hole 12 - Completely new par 3

Hole 13 - Re-crafted on the same site with a new tee location

Hole 14 - Same location

Hole 15 - Same location

Hole 16 - The iconic Flower Hole; preserved and enhanced

Hole 17 - Same location; greatly reconfigured

Hole 18 - Same location


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