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The Best Golf Equipment Brands for Players

The Best Golf Equipment Brands for Players

By Matt Seban

Look at any professional golf tour, and you'll see endless brand logos on everything from the golfer's cap to the towel hanging off their golf bag being totted around by their caddy-who, it's worth mentioning, is also decked out in branded golfing gear.

With all these brand names and logos visible on the course, how do you know which ones are worth investing in for your game? That's where this guide comes in.
You'll find a list of the best golf brand options to help you make informed decisions when investing in your equipment. While the list focuses on innovations related to clubs (an expensive component of your golf equipment) and golf balls, each brand offers many other carefully crafted products to support your game.

Without any more delay, let's take a look at the best golf equipment brands available for golf experts and novices who want to make the most of their tee times.

Titleist is a well-known golf brand offering quality golf products since 1932, with golf balls being star products. The brand started when the founder, Phil Young, began a quest to discover why his putt failed him during a game. He realized that many golf balls were created with off-center and uneven cores. Seeing an opportunity to craft something reliable and of better quality, he began engineering a golf ball that would deliver consistency.

Now, the company delivers one of the most-used golf balls in the sport and is favored by PGA professionals like Viktor Hovland, Corey Conners, and Brian Harmon.

Callaway, like Titleist, is all about quality when it comes to developing its golfing gear because the founder, Ely Callaway, believed he needed a top-quality product. As he put it, he was "not a good enough salesman to sell a mediocre product." Since they began in 1982, they've become a top-rated brand used by some of golf's biggest names, including Phil Mickelson.

Part of the Callaway brand is Odyssey, another well-known name in the golf industry. Odyssey specializes in putters and recently launched the Ai-One line that leverages the power of artificial intelligence in its design.

If you're new to the golfing game, Callaway's Strata golf club set has been rated as one of the best beginner options. It delivers the best quality for value-meaning you don't have to rely on a big lottery win or wager at to buy it.

Ping has been an innovative brand for golf, particularly when it comes to the design of clubs. For their drivers, they shifted the weight placement to create a driver that allows for a more streamlined and forgiving club-to-ball connection (meaning you don't need to hit the ball right on the center of the club for a successful shot). They dubbed this their straight-flight technology. Other brands have even adopted the success of this small but impactful change.

The clubs have found their way into the golf bags of some of the PGA and LPGA's top players, including Corey Conners, Jennifer Kupcho, and Mackenzie Hughes.

TaylorMade is a brand used by some of the most iconic golfers to date, including Tiger Woods. They've created standout products, making them a go-to brand for professional players. Their claim to fame was developing the first metalwork driver in 1979. They continued innovating and creating unique clubs that changed the golf game.

Wilson Staff
Wilson Staff, part of the Wilson Sporting Goods company, is known for offering durable golf products and, more notably, for being the golf equipment used on the moon by Alan Shephard. The brand began offering golf products in 1954. Today, the brand is used by Pádraig Harrington and Gary Woodland. While they may not be playing at venues as exciting as the moon, they do play professionally, indicating a quality of product worth investing in.

Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG)
Parsons Xtreme Golf is one of the newer gold equipment brands, founded in 2013 by Bob Parsons. Parsons is a tremendous golf enthusiast, and he founded the company with the vision of creating the world's finest golf equipment. The brand has grown quickly in its short time on the market. PXG equipment is used by pros like Kevin Dougherty, Paul Barjon, and Seth Reeves.

Srixon/Cleveland Golf
Both of these brands belong to the parent company, Dunlop Sports America, as they became part of the same family in 2008. Both offer golfing equipment that boasts being used by pros like Scottie Scheffler, Keegan Bradley, and Brooks Koepka in the PGA.

Cobra Golf
Initially, Cobra Golf was created by an amateur golfer, Tom Crow, in 1973. The goal was to engineer an affordable and effective line of clubs. Their first club to hit the market, the Baffler Hybrid, was inspired by a catamaran to help ease golf swings through the turf. This club created a whole new category of golf clubs, and the brand has continued to craft and shape clubs for players. Since 2010, the Cobra Golf brand has been part of the Puma brand, and though it was made for affordability, it has made its way into the golf bags of professional golfers.

What started in 1906 as a baseball equipment store grew to produce products and include other sports, like golf. In the '70s, they developed an international presence that impressed players in European golf clubs due to their unique manufacturing process. Instead of crafting irons that needed to be ground into shape after forging, Mizuno streamlined the process with molds. The pieces still needed some shaping, but the consistency of each piece made it more reliable. Bailey Tardy of the LPGA and Ben Griffin of the PGA tour use this brand.

Finding the Right Brand for You
Now that the list of high-quality golf brands above has been laid out, you can narrow your search to find the best fit for you. The next step is popping into your local sporting goods store or golf shop to evaluate some of these brands in person.

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