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Group Lesson; An Effective Teaching/Learning Experience

By John Ehle

Skeptics are the most vulnerable of learners. Their resistance to new ideas/concepts makes them easy to topple and bring into the fold when they have a positive experience instead of an expected bummer.

I count myself among the converted when it comes to group golf lessons.

I was invited by an old friend to a group lesson recently. More specifically, he referred to the session as an Executive Short Game School. Harrumph, I thought! Stubbing short chips and pushing/pulling putts was not my idea of a good time: especially in front of strangers.
The three hour "school" began with a relaxed, tasty lunch at Hidden Glen. Our teacher, PGA professional Kevin Kramp, amiably greeted our group of 9 and as we completed our lunch asked us to proceed to the range for the obligatory warm-up. So far so good. No major champions in the group!

From the range our group and Kevin proceeded to the practice green where a chipping station was set up for us; nine piles of balls with varying angles and distances to targets. We ratcheted along as Kevin took us individually to tweak our personal, idiosyncratic approaches to this skill. Kevin kept each of us until he was satisfied that we had made adequate process.

From the chipping area we moved through the following stations: bunker shots, driving the ball, fairway bunker, approach shot (100 yards), putting, and pitch over obstacle.

The complete group lesson from lunch through post-lesson libation took 3 hours and accomplished more than golf. My newfound friends had, like me, acquired some enhancements to their golfing skills in a cheerful and non-threatening environment. Our group, incidentally, varied in age from 40 to 90 years old which created a convivial atmosphere.

I'll remember these guys! We learned together.

Kevin Kramp may be reached at 262.387.0100 X 30 or at

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John Ehle John Ehle writes for, GolfTrips,com and other golf-related sites in the US. He has attended 6 Open Championships in the British Isles and many men's and women's US Opens and PGA Championships as well as Ryder Cups and President's Cups.

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He writes a weekly column for a metropolitan newspaper in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. He is a 10 handicap golfer and has competed in many Wisconsin State Golf Association events.

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