St Croix National

St Croix National

St Croix National

1603 32nd Street
Somerset, WI 54025
Phone: 715-247-4200
Toll Free: 866-525-4624

Golf Course Review: St Croix National

Best scenery, dumbest layout ever.

This is probably one of the most scenic courses I've played around the country. However it is one of the dumbest layouts I've ever seen. (Seriously, about a 160 drive up a cliff to the fairway?) Almost every drive is blind, as well as a few approach shots. Tee boxes are not maintained very good. Greens are in decent condition, as well as most of the fairways.
Too bad, with a little more money spent on maintenance, and major redesign to a legitimate golf course, this could be an awesome golfing experience, instead of total disappointment.

Overall Experience



Based on my experience: I would not play the course again.


Posted by (2 handicap) on 07/06/2013 - This review has been viewed 2,265 times.


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